joshHey guys my names Joshua Padgett and the reason why I started this website was so I can share my personal experience with you all about the male edge penis extender and too keep a log of my experience with it on a weekly basis which you can read HERE.

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How I found the Male Edge Penis Extender

I will start off with the troubles that I faced before using it and I am assuming you might be going through what I went through physically and emotionally.

Don’t worry though if you are feeling ashamed and embarrassed by your penis size because you can make your penis larger if you are dedicated enough and with the help of male edge.

Right now I am 28 years old and I am happy to say that I am extremely satisfied with my life and with my body (If you know what I mean). When I was younger though say around 16 years old I became curious about my penis and how it compared to other guys.

I started reading up on average penis size all over the internet and after I measured my own I realized that mine was actually below average in size. I thought maybe it was because I was still growing so I didn’t think much of it at the time.


When I started college I finally started coming out of my shell a little bit (I was quite a shy guy) and I hooked up with a girl. We were seeing each other here and there and I invited her back for some you know what.

I thought I was finally going to lose my virginity but when the time came I she took off my shorts and literally laughed in my face. After this I kind of lost all my confidence with women because of the underlying fact that I had a small penis.

I soon became the guy who made eye contact with women but was never able to speak to them or take anything further. This went on for a few years till I was about 20 years old and I craved a girlfriend AND SEX so badly.

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What did I do..

I started to research online hopeful to find a way to increase the size of my manhood and came across all kinds of ways but everyone was claiming that only their way worked and all the other methods of penis enlargement didn’t.

I bought Vigrx pills which only made my penis look slightly larger because they made my erections fuller and harder so that didn’t really work to increase the size.

So then I tried manual ways of jelking and stretching and after about a month of that I gave it up because I didn’t see any change.

Maybe I wasn’t doing the exercises right or something but either way I couldn’t see that helping.

I felt like giving up…

I thought this was the end of the road but I carried on researching because I still needed to solve this problem which let me to learning about penis enlargement devices.

I looked through a few of them and came to the conclusion that the Male edge penis extender is what I was going to go with after loads of hours of researching.

The main reason why I chose it was because they offered a guarantee that no other stretcher device could match, a double refund policy so I would get twice the money I spent back if it didn’t work.

SO what did I have to lose eh?

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But then I ordered the Male Edge Extender…

OK so starting from the basics, I ordered the extender and my credit card statement read DanaLife so thankfully it didn’t say penisextender extender or something just in case it got into the wrong hands.

Before I mentioned that my penis was below average so you probably want to know my size before I started. OK so my erect length was 4.5 inches.

I didn’t necessarily want to have a humongous penis but just to extend it to about 6 inches so it would be kind of an average size and the manufacturers claimed that with their extender you could increase the length of your penis by 2 to 3 inches :)

It arrived in plain packaging with no indication of what was inside the box which was great just in case somebody else signed for it.

I had never used a stretching device before so I looked through the manual that came with it and it explained how to use it. It took me about 10 minutes to figure it all out (I am a bit slow like that) and get accustomed to all the pieces that came with it.

Did it work?

As with anything, for the first couple of weeks I didn’t see any change in size, but I did notice that I was getting erections more often than usual and they lasted longer. Even when I woke up in the morning I practically had to masturbate just to get rid of it.

So after 3 months of using it for roughly an hour and a half to 2 hours per day I gained a WHOLE inch in erect length. Oh and I forgot to mention that in the flaccid state your penis will start to hang longer and thicker within a week of using it or so.

It’s just that erect gains will take slightly longer to appear.

I have kept a log for myself so I can keep track of my progress but you can feel free to read it, I roughly update it weekly but I mention everything about how much time I have used it or if there are any complications with the device or even with my schedule in there too.

And it’s not as boring as reading this because I am kind of talking to myself so pardon the French in there. CLICK HERE FOR MY MALE EDGE REVIEWS.

But I won’t be stopping there, I think the motivation to carry on using it to increase my size even more is that I have proven to MYSELF that it works and that is such a great thing because it makes you carry on wanting to use it.

I said I only used it for about an hour and half or 2 hours per day that’s just because I was always out and I only wore it at home but it is comfortable to wear for much longer than that.

For the next 3 months I am going to wear it for 5 hours a day and see how big I get! Wish me luck even though I won’t need it with this thing!

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Should you try it yourself?

double your money back guaranteeIf you have read this far then it is a no brainer, you should definitely try Male edge if you are self-conscious about your penis size and have low self-esteem.

Because trust me, having a bigger penis definitely boosts your confidence and not just in the bedroom. With my new found penis I am a lot more confident in life in general as well as when I am around women.

WARNING: There are many third party merchants online who are all selling this extender simply because it is such a great product, but I STRONGLY advise that you only purchase from the Official website.

This way you will be sure to receive the genuine product and take advantage of the double your money back guarantee if for any reason you are not happy.

Plus you will probably get the best price there too so click on the link below for the Official website.

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meWelcome to my continuous log of using my Male edge extender. It was supposed to be a weekly log but sometimes it took more slightly longer than a week to write up what I had experienced so I can’t really call it a weekly log but here goes anyway…

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My Forth Month Review

meIf you have read my posts on my actual RESULTS than you can see that I used it initially for 3 months and increased the size of my member by a whole inch.

The results after 3 months have motivated me even more to keep using it for another 3 months so it’s great to be back with you all. So now I am into my forth month of using the extender and have increased 1/4 of an inch in length since the last month.

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OK so you’re obviously on this page because you were looking for an honest in-depth review. If that is not what you were after then you can leave right now because this is a very long review.

I honestly believe that I have covered literally everything there is to know about it and if I haven’t then I am pretty sure that you can find what you were looking for on another page of my website.

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pro version comes at a better price than most extendersHopefully you have arrived on this page because you want to know why and where you should buy it from. Well if that’s why your here then thank god that you came here first and not somewhere else.

If you read more than I am going to show you how you can make this process much easier and most importantly…CHEAPER. Oh and Safer!

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